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Preaching: Are we the ones worthy? by Matt B.

In the mission discourse, the disciples are sent out to deliver a “hospitable” message, but are certain to encounter inhospitable reception (vv 16-18, 22-25). They are not to possess the everyday necessities to sustain their call, but to rely upon the generosity and material sustenance of mere strangers (vv 9-10). This is a ragtag bunch with nothing but the promises and riches of the kingdom (vv 1, 7-8). In their venture to the towns of Israel, the disciples will encounter those deserted by the halls of power, by the money-hungry and by the superstition of prejudice. Among these towns, the Twelve bear good news primarily to the sick and poor, and in solidarity with them, are to rely upon their provisions (and God’s of course) for the gospel to spread. Christians may initially place themselves within the disciples’ own mission, but what if we are to place ourselves among those who are to receive the wanting and willing evangelists in our own town? Are we the ones worthy to receive the peace of their message, as well as to provide for their needs (vv 11-15)? Are we among those to whom the disciples primarily minister, so as to receive the reward that awaits us (vv 40-42)?

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Nice move, M! If the ones who were worthy in the towns of Israel were the ones happy to care for strangers, esp. strangers associated with a radical like Jesus and in conditions like those of the apostles, then we should definitely ask ourselves if we're that kind of people. I'm sure we usually think that we've got more important things to do.

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