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M Newell 10:26

10:26 - What is the significance of "nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known"? Jesus says this after mentioning the coming persecution--as if this is the reason that the disciples don't need to fear the persecution they will face. This saying is found in all 3 synoptics, though the placement in pericope changes in Mark and Luke to the Lamp Under a Basket Parable. It really makes me wonder what it's doing here in Matthew--even more basic, what exactly is it that is going to be revealed? It could be the evangelion itself, resonating with all the times Jesus tells people not to go spreading what he's done, and with v 27. Also, as an aside, if I remember rightly, I think Rene Girard also reads this verse as supporting his idea that Jesus' work in going to the cross is 'revealing' the scapegoat mechanism. I don't know about that, but something weird is going on with this in Matthew.

The apostolic witness is not to be a thaumaturge-for-pay service (vv 8-9); the apostles are not to take normal prudential preparations for their livelihood as life normally and ubiquitously requires (vv 9-10); they are to be itinerant, not stationary (5-6, 16); they are to avoid the company of the unworthy (who are the 'unworthy'??--literally a 'house', but what does this mean if not household? v 13); they are not to be gullible (16); their message ought to provoke rulers (18); they are not to be afraid (19, 26, 31)

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I was talking with Tim W. about this passage (of v. 26) yesterday. It's tough. I think it's important to notice the context of fear. It is fear that would move the disciples to be concerned about what is hidden/concealed or not to speak in the daylight or proclaim from the roofs what Jesus has whispered to them in the dark. An initial question is whether what the disciples are concerned about in v. 26 is what Jesus is whispering (v. 27). Do you think it is? Or is it something the persecutors are saying/doing?

Could we stab at this by saying that the apostles are not to try to control/manipulate the reception of their message in the face of opposition? Perhaps they were tempted to infiltrate Israelite towns with Jesus' kingdom activity/message furtively rather than openly. Jesus says that there is nothing they can do to hide the truth of God's Kingdom. It is going to get out, so they should just come right out with it, whatever the outrage/violence it is likely to draw from opponents/persecutors.

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