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"So do not be afraid of them" post by Tim W.

In verse 26 Jesus states, “So do not be afraid of them.” This verse works well in the context of 17-25, and 28-31; however, 26b-27 states, “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ears proclaim from the roofs” (NIV). So, verses 26-31 create ambiguity on the subject of why the disciples might fear. Verses 17-25 clearly demonstrate that declaring the Kingdom of Heaven will result in personal affliction and loss. Then, 26b-27 seems to indicate some fear other than personal antagonists who denounce the Kingdom of Heaven message. Finally, verses 28-31 shift the focus back to personal assurance of perseverance in the face of suffering. The options for fear seem to be: loss of personal safety (based on what will happen in 17-25), potential failure of the message (26b-27 seems much more concerned with the promulgation of their proclamation), or perhaps they would fear that their tormentors’ actions may go unnoticed, and therefore unpunished?


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What about this? What Jesus is teaching the disciples is dangerous. They can tell as they're hearing it; sometimes they themselves are taken aback. They are no doubt tempted to keep it on the down-low to avoid shame/danger, to wait and see if things will actually work out the way Jesus says. In response, Jesus tells them not to fear, to get on the radio with what he's telling them. He speaks the truth and the disciples can trust that they will be vindicated as his messengers, however outlandish his claims seem.

Think of that pause you feel before saying what you know is true to someone who finds it naive or a recipe for disaster. Think of how you feel when that someone can punish you with shame or violence.

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